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All Over Fighter Jets War Rugs

18 Jet Fighter War Rug with Golden Border
Best example of this type of rug. Formerly the owners office rug. Shapes of cars is nice. Bright color on light border strong. This rug is a good deal.

Small Fighter Jet Rug

All Over Jets w/ Floral Border
This war rug is in good condition. It has a lovely, full pile. A common occurrence in tribal Baluch folk art, there is some minor bleeding in light shades in a few places. This is a wonderful design in which it cannot fit under the category of subtle because the images of the fighter jets and abstract cars are obvious, however, it could definitely be thought of as hiding in plain sight. This is the type of design that you could have in your home or office in which the same people could see it on a daily basis, yet never really look at it. Quite a conversation starter as you point out the war images so expertly hidden by the artist

All-over Airplanes with Lion Border
The condition of this new rug is very good. The border is particularly interesting on this rug. The border consists of a mythical winged lion motif. We have seen this particular border design often with this field pattern of the all over fighter jets. The style of this rug would typically be ""Golden Border"" but this rug has a dark border which is unusual.
The rug is well knotted and the back has a corduroy appearance.
The colors are very attractive muted tones.
This war rug is a good example of a traditional all-over approach to Beluchi design, but the war design is unique. The abstract quality of the fighter jets triangular shape understates the war motifs impact.