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Pixilated War Rugs

War Rug with Russian Soldiers

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A pair with rug 1656.
Excellent rug, Russian figures are present throughout the rug alongside tanks, jets, helicopters, and weapons in the field as well as the border. Bright saturated colors on a dark rich blue field, the guard stripes are made of interlocking geometric brown, green, and red shapes separated from the main borders by white 'sawtooth' patterns. The kilim has an interesting blue pattern.

Small Pixilated War Rug #2
This rug is one of a pair. The wool is good, the knotting is good. The inter-relation between the large and small motifs works nicely.

Small Pixilated War Rug #1

Washed Pixelated Weapons War Rug
The figures and motifs are pixelated and stylized. The different rows of weapons are separated by jagged lines. The border is made up of alternating tanks, rifles, and helicopters. The flowery guard stripe on the left side of the rug appears to be stretched compared to the stripe on the right.

This earthy rug appears to have been washed in a special dark wash.

Small Pixilated Weapons War Rug with Medallions
New condition. Full pile, still has fuzz from shearer's clippers. The lighter cobalt blue inside medallions contrasts beautifully with darker Prussian blue in rug's field.

1980's Pixilated Weapons Rugs
Very good condition. The Pixilated Weapons Design war rugs are a very small distinct group of war rugs. This is the classic example with dark brown border, tanks with clearly drawn machine guns on tanks, stylized rockets or fighter jets, pointy topped

Mint Green Flower War Rug
This rows-of-weapons rug features rows of tanks, jets, grenades, and other weapons typical of these rugs. What makes this rug unique, however, are the randomly placed bright accents. A short line of electric blue is visible in the top left, and striking greens are found in the windows of a tank in the bottom right. A speck of purple is in the bottom left. A unique pretty mint green flower in the inner-most guard stripe is visible in the bottom right corner of the rug.

Light Blue Pixilated Weapons
This rug features rows of pixelated tanks, helicopters, bombers, RPGs, and other weapons alternating throughout the dark blue background. The weapons are accented with light blue and outlined with white. Two classic flowery guard stripes border the main border which consists of alternating colorful helicopters and tanks on the sides, and trucks and tanks on the top and bottom.
There are small areas of dark discoloration on the bottom, top, and right sides of the rug.

Pixilated Weapons, small
Similar to these two rugs 974 and 986. Unlike the other two rugs, the motifs in the field of this rug are separated by jagged green and red sawtooth patterns.

Large Pixilated Weapons with Dark Golden Border

Pixilated Weapons
1980s example of Pixilated Weapons rug. Very good condition. Low pile in one corner

Pixilated Drawing War Rug Number 2
Very good condition, even full pile, no damage, nice tight selvedge

Weapon Inventory
Irregular shape. Rug flanges out on bottom. Nice wool. Even pile throughout. Pleas contact us if you can identify any of the weapons in this rug.