Temple University

Samuel L. Paley Library - 1210 Polett Walk - Philadelphia, PA 19122

Lecture by Kevin Sudeith on April 11, 2016

Show title: Outside In: Violence and Expression in Afghan War Rugs

Curator: Alicia Cunningham-Bryant and student assistant curators, Ilana Napoli and Rachel Morin

The Libraries and the Intellectual Heritage Program present an exhibition of Afghan War Rugs, traditional hand knotted carpets that combine ancient practice with the latest in the daily lives of the weavers. Many of the rug designs originate in antiquity, but since the 1980's now incorporate the war that spans from the Soviet invasion through today's battles with the Taliban. The weavers have witnessed epic historical events, encoded them in their traditional art, and wrought important contemporary art. Curated by Alicia Cunningham-Bryant and student assistant cuators Ilana Napoli and Rachel Morin. These materials are generously on loan from Kevin Sudeith.

Curators made selections from website, then Kevin Sudeith selected rugs to approximate their selections.


Opened 2016-02-29 Closed 2016-04-30

Diamond Herati with Women Afghan War Rug
53 x 88 inches
135 cm x 223 cm
Red Rug
38 x 62 inches
96 cm x 157 cm
City Scene War Rug (ALSO ID #391)
34 x 58 inches
87 cm x 148 cm
Original Collection: First WTC rug warrug.com received
24 x 30 inches
61 cm x 76 cm
Green Map Soviet Exodus
22 x 27 inches
56 cm x 69 cm
Najibullah: Exhibited at Denison University Art Museum and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Sold to Miss Kathy Guild March 2012 Formerlyu sales status 21 Returned by MKG and exhcnaged for 1515.
26 x 38 inches
66 cm x 96 cm
Very fine quality Tree of Life Rug with Grenade
41 x 81 inches
104 cm x 206 cm
48 x 83 inches
122 cm x 211 cm
Tora Bora with Cerulean Blue Dove - Shown at Davidson College
24 x 31 inches
61 cm x 79 cm
WTC War Rug with Red Planes
24 x 30 inches
61 cm x 77 cm
Very Fine Pictorial
32 x 53 inches
81 cm x 135 cm
Not For Sale - Red, White, & Blue Drone rug
36 x 25 inches
91 cm x 62 cm
NFS - Exhibit Only
37 x 56 inches
94 cm x 142 cm
Unique Tora Bora Rug: Large with Turkmen Border
30 x 51 inches
76 cm x 130 cm