(temporarily 779, but no more) Banana Afghan War Rug (aka 779)
5 years
War Rug Width (decimal feet): 4.00
War Rug Length (decimal feet): 7.00
Knots per Inch - Horizontal: 9
Knots per Inch - Vertical: 11
Warp Depression: 45 Degree Depressed
War Rug Sales Status: Formerly 76 items - Miami U. Now Show=18
Country of Origin (estimated): Afghanistan
War Rug Style: Banana Medallion War Rugs
War Rug Ethnic Origin: Baluchi
General Description: Traditional Herati Belouch design. This rug is super quality. Tightly knotted. Remote control machine guns on tanks are excellently drawn. Superb example of traditional design with war accent.
Description of wool: The best Herati wool. Soft, strong, great sheen.
Sheen of Wool: Beautiful.
Handle: Strong, pliable.
Selvedge: Braided goat hair overcast.
Fringe: Kilim
Pile Material: Herati wool.
Weft Material: Grey wool
Warp Material: Natural wool