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Images and photos of subjects depicted in war rugs and carpets.

American Drones on War Rugs recently received a shipment of rugs from Peshawar, Pakistan including some new designs woven in Pakistan. The weavers are Afghan Turkmen who have settled permenantly in Pakistan after being refugees. This summer they produced three rugs featuring Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s or drones).

The blue rug below, #1566, features three different drones: Global Surveyors, Reapers, and Predators.

The second rug, below, #1580, features armed Predator drones.

Below is the third rug of the set, and it is particularly interesting because the drones are colored red, white and blue. I didn’t notice this important color choice until photoshopping (rather GiMP’ing) the border photo when I noticed the interlocking red, white, and blue border.

TCNJ’s ‘Art Amongst War’ Exhibition featured in Sunday New York Times

Today’s New York Times Metropolitan section has a story by Tammy La Gorce about the show ‘Art Amongst War’ at The College of New Jersey’s Art Gallery. The show is curated by Deborah Hutton, and it features an array of art made by Afghan artists including 5 war rugs loaned by, including the one in Times’ story. The show includes fine paintings, beautiful needlework, historical and contemporary video, installation art and some beautiful and haunting photographs.

“The anonymous weavers of six 1980s and 1990s-era “war rugs” — carpets whose motifs include land mines, guns and soldiers — may have had no formal training, learning from their relatives, but they have incorporated the grim realities of life in a war zone into their traditional craft.”

Kevin Sudeith’s Petroglyph Featured on Discover Magazine Blog

Rebecca Horne, the Photo Editor at Discover Magazine, has a fascinating blog at Discover called Visual Science. Recently she posted a story about my latest petroglyph carving in Montana of the Chandra X-ray observatory.

More space petroglyphs are at

Besides Chandra in Montana there are two tractors (one with seeder drill), three pickups (pictographs), a water truck, an antelope (one was shot on the land while I was there), a double portrait of the original Czech homesteaders, and a cowboy with two cows. rug in Wired Story about Growing the Afghan Carpet Industry

Here is a story about US Government efforts to build a sustainable rug weaving industry in Afghanistan.

The rug in the photo was shown at Denison University in Ohio, and it will be on display at a show at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan in September and October. It is also the invitation post card image. This pattern turned into Soviet Exodus rugs which turned into WTC rugs and Tora Bora rugs.

Status Update will begin a period of hibernation soon. All rugs and war rug information will remain on line, but rugs will only be shipped once a month. If you are interested in any rugs, please email the rug number via the contact form, and one of us will reply regarding availability and shipping date. If you want to reach us urgently or to speak with Kevin please call 800-781-0153. Thanks!

As mentioned in the New York Times, Kevin Sudeith will be spending a year on the road making petroglyphs (and impressions of petroglyphs) in the wildernesses of the Western United States. To follow his adventure please see Kevin’s travel blog or to see examples of his petroglyphs please visit

New York Times Covers Closure of’s Showroom

Corey Kilgannon has a story in the New York Times about the temporary closure of’s showroom in LIC so that Kevin Sudeith can spend a year making petroglyphic rock carvings in the wildernesses in the western United States.

Mr. Sudeith, who is also an artist, is declaring an armistice in his war-rug business so he can travel out West for a year to create petroglyphs, or rock engravings. The 400 rugs in his dusty basement warehouse (a former speakeasy) on Vernon Boulevard will be put in refrigerated storage.