New York Times Covers Closure of’s Showroom

Corey Kilgannon has a story in the New York Times about the temporary closure of’s showroom in LIC so that Kevin Sudeith can spend a year making petroglyphic rock carvings in the wildernesses in the western United States.

Mr. Sudeith, who is also an artist, is declaring an armistice in his war-rug business so he can travel out West for a year to create petroglyphs, or rock engravings. The 400 rugs in his dusty basement warehouse (a former speakeasy) on Vernon Boulevard will be put in refrigerated storage.

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About Kevin

Kevin Sudeith is the war rug collector who built After starting to collect Afghan rugs, he began selling regular and war rugs to better study war rugs and their historical origins. Sudeith learned how war rugs related to traditional Afghan tribal and workshop rugs as well as the broader Turkmen and Persian rug traditions.