“If it’s all night, it’s alright!” – James Brown and Bob Marley

Old and New: “The name of the place….Augustus, JA”

I’ve always suspected James Brown influenced Bob Marley, and a friend recently played me the proof. On The Complete Wailers 1967-1972, Part 1, Disc 2 is Feel Allright (Original), a beautiful cover of James Brown’s *GREAT*, There Was a Time a.k.a. ‘Groove Maker’.

The Wailers cover There Was a Time from Side 2 of James Brown and the Famous Flames Live at the Apollo Volume 2. James Brown does a call and response replicated by the Wailers in the studio.

The Wailers :”Heh! Heh! :
Bob Marley: “Feel alright – one time”
“Oh! Oh!”
“Feel pretty good a-myself, yo – two”
“HUH!! HUH!!”
“Eh! Eh!”
“Feel alright! – Three”
“HUH!! HUH!! HUH!!”

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