Hand woven carpet from Afhanistan for sale

Original Collection: First WTC rug warrug.com received

Exhibited at:
Temple University - 2016-02-29
ID# 194Date: 2002-:-Size 24 x 30 inches
(61 X76 cm)
11 h X 11
Origin: AfghanistanStyle: -World Trade Center Flag Banner War Rugs,
Other examples of this style
Tribe: Turkman
The condition of this new war rug is excellent. This rug is extremely well knotted and truly stands out as such. The colors are exceptional in this rug and are used very nicely in the flags as well as the dove. The helicopter is nice in this war rug as well. The tower on the left is haunting while interesting at the same time because on the very top rear it is drawn with the steel melting and peeling back.
Wool: The wool is soft and fine. Sheen: The sheen is nice and glossy. Handle: The handle on this war rug is firm and rigid. Selvedge: The selvedge is of 2 cord black wool.
Fringe: The fringe on this war rug has no kilim end. Pile: Wool 6mm.Warp: White cotton.Weft: Black cotton.
Warp Depression:full