Hand woven carpet from Afhanistan for sale

Red, White, And Blue Reaper Drone Rug

Exhibited at:
Gund Gallery at Kenyon College - 2017-05-26
ID# 1166Date: 2015-:-Size 24 x 40 inches
(61 X101 cm)
9 h X 8
Origin: AfghanistanStyle: -Reaper Drone War Rug,
Other examples of this style
Tribe: Turkman
Blue and white reaper drones flying over a red background. Centermost drone is white with a black outline. Border around the drones is thin, looks almost like small triangles of white and blue on a black background.
Wool: Slightly dry, but soft. Sheen: Sheen is duller, but there. Handle: Pretty stiff, 7 on a scale of 10 (ten being incredibly densely knotted and stiff handle). Selvedge: Right hand: thick one cord overcast with red wool. Left: two cord flat wrapped with red wool. Difference is remarkable.
Fringe: Short white fringe after Persian closure Pile: 6mmWarp: White cotton. Weft: Buff cotton.
Warp Depression:full warp depression